FreeStyler is a flexible application that combines aspects of NoteIt! and Cool Modes. It has a page-based representation and can be extended to various domains using Cool Modes' plugins ("palettes"). It supports collaborative modeling through the use of coupling based on the MatchMaker server (included).

FreeStyler_Description.pdf gives an overview of the FreeStyler modeling environment.

FreeStyler 2.11

This Version improved the stability of the FreeStyler-Application.
It is now possible to draw dotted lines and use short cuts for
often used functionalities.
Examples for various plugins are included now.
Additionally the Moodle-Connection has been improved. For more information about this moodle connector please contact
Last but not least some translation bugs have been removed.

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Release Notes

Java Runtime Environment (JRE or JDK) version 1.5 is needed!

This version of FreeStyler comes with lots of new features. The freehand capture tool was redesigned and is now capable of moving, deleting, copying and colorizing strokes and nodes. It is now possible to draw dotted lines. Some of the plugins have been enhancend.

This version includes some plugins. This is because of several changes in the general architecture of our tools. Therefore most of the Cool Modes extensions which can be found in the portal are not compatible to this FreeStyler. As soon as most of the plugins are replaced a smaller version will be available. (like with Cool Modes at the moment).

Included Plugins:

  • Activity - a UML activity diagram modeling tool
  • Argunaut - a plugin emulating the Digalo discussion environment
  • Chat - a small chat client which can be used to chat with other participants in the same collaboration session.
  • Discuss - a discussion and moderation support plugin.
  • FeedbackLoops - model your feedback loops with FreeStyler.
  • Finite Automata - model and test finite automata with this plugin
  • Functions - Let FreeStyler draw your function graphs with this plugin
  • Graphical Calculator for Products and Sums - s. above. These latter two plugins can be used in conjunction with the Moon Plugin
  • MindMapping - This plugin can be used to create simple MindMaps.
  • Moon - While this plugin was initially used to measure moon craters (together with the calculation plugins) it can easily be used to measure arbitrary lengths on pictures of your choice.
  • Petri Nets - This plugin can be used to model simple place transition networks.
  • Picture Collections - This plugin creates a node from every picture you put into a specified folder.
  • QOC - document your decision with the QOC approach. Alternatively you can use this plugin as a score boarding model.
  • SeeMe - the SeeMe-modeling language has inspired this plugin. Model your socio technical systems using this plugin.
  • Simple UML / UML - model simple class diagramms
  • Stochastic Experiments (CoSE - Collaborative Stochastic Experimenting) - model, simulate and analyse probability experiments of varying complexity
  • Stochastic Introduction - model, simulate and analyse elementary probability experiments. This plug-in is an extract of Stochastics Experiments (CoSE) for younger students
  • System Dynamics - model complex systems with System dynamics within the FreeStyler

previous releases of FreeStyler

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